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ELITSERIEN: Dackarna win Bauhaus Ligan 2021

Målilla Dackarna came into tonight’s match with a 16 point advantage and refused to give the host team, Eskilstuna Smederna, a chance to take a fourth title in five years.

So when the visitors’ Tai Woffinden came over the line in first place in Heat 12 with Rasmus Jensen (8) in third place the team could celebrate Dackarna’s first Elitserien title for 14 years. After a poor performance yesterday, the British three times World Champion, came good and top scored for the winners with 12+1. It was Kacper Woryna (11+1) who was the highest scorer for the hosts.

In the last heat, with the match already won, Dackarna's Jason Doyle (11) and Smederna's captain, Michael Jepsen Jensen (10) clashed with both going to ground as they came out of the second bend.

Sharp words were exchanged between the riders and when the mechanics came to collect the bikes they had to be separated to stop there being a dust up. Both team managers quickly appeared on the shale to calm things down. But that didn't stop Jepsen Jensen shouting and waving his arms around wildly in frustration all the way from the corner to the depot. When Doyle finally came off the track, with three or four people around him as makeshift bodyguards, someone in the crowd threw a stick at him starting off another heated "debate". In the end, the Australian was ruled out of the re-run, blamed for taking down the Danish rider.

But, in many ways, that was the only drama of the night as the home side failed to get early 5:1s and put pressure on the visitors. The Målilla side made no mistakes, not even giving the victory to the home side, with the final score 44:46.

That meant it was 81:93 in total as Målilla Dackarna were crowned Bauhaus League champions for 2022.

An enormous crowd of 3261 watched the match in Eskilstuna, more than double the biggest gate from earlier this season.

Full scores from Zuzelend.

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ELITSERIEN: Dackarna put one hand on trophy in Final 1

Målilla Dackarna v Eskilstuna Smederna, 53:37 #DACSMED

With rain coming to the Småland town of Målilla in the afternoon it looked more than likely that this Final 1 tie might be off. But as the scheduled start time approached, the rain easied and just 30 minutes later the 2021 Final was underway.

Dackarna were the favourites on paper with their three SGP riders, Tai Woffinden, Maciej Janowski and Jason Doyle all fit and ready for action. But no one dared to rule out Smederna who beat the Målilla side in both 2018 and 2019 to win the Swedish title.

The weather conditions and tight racing lead to many 3:3 heats with the scores at 25:23 after Heat 8.

But the second half of the match saw the home side put this Final, and maybe the whole championship, out of reach of their opponents. Dackarna scored seven heat advantages in the last eight heats, including two 5:1s.

Arguably, the difference between the two sides was Målilla’s Rasmus Jensen and Jacob Thorssell (pictured). The Scandinavian pair raced four heats together gaining three heat advantages, with the Swede gaining 12 points from 5 heats. The rider, who won the Swedish championship on this track in 2020, only dropped points in his very first heat and otherwise was first to the checkered flag in all his heats. It was, however, the team’s Australian SGP rider, Doyle who topped the team with 13+1.

For Smederna, Pontus Aspgren continue to show the form that makes him the top scoring Swede in the Elitserien top scoring with 11 pts, the same score as Polish teammate, Kacper Woryna.

The final score was 53-37 and few would bet against Dackarna lifting the Championship trophy in Final 2 in Eskilstuna tomorrow.

Full scores from Zuzelend.

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EWINNER 1 AND 2: Ostrovia and Landshut promoted

The last weekend in Polish league speedway saw Ostrovia promoted to the top division, Ekstraliga, whilst German team, AC Landshut will be competing in Polish League 1 in 2022. Both teams may have lost away from home today, 49:40, but outstanding wins at home last week meant that both the visiting teams will be racing in the next division up in the coming season.

#OPOLAN 49:40 (87:92)

As always, it was the 2 League which was played first this Sunday.

Opole brought in Mateusz Tonder from Zielona Gora and Czestochowa junior Matuesz Swidnicki for the crucial home match where they were looking to overturn a 52:38 drubbing in Germany last week. But both Polish riders only scored 6 pts, not nearly enough to make a significant impact and dethrone Landshut. Instead was Swidnicki's rival in the U21 World Championships, Danish Silver medalist, Mads Hansen who top scored for the losing side with 10 pts. Swede, Jacob Thorssell took 7+1 for the home side.

For the visitors it was again the trio of Martin Smolinski (13), Dimtri Berge (10+2) and Kai Huckenbeck (7+1) who lead the team in points scoring. And whilst it was not enough to actually win the tie, that didn't matter as the German team won the Polish 2 League for the first time in their history.


#KROOST 49:40 (79:100)

Ostrovia travelled to Krosno with the odds stacked in their favour having won by an enormous 30 points last week at home. And the visitors finished off the job they started by refusing to let the home side take the lead until Heat 11, by which time Ostrovia had already secured promotion.

The Wolves top riders did their bit to chase the match with Andrzej Lebedevs top scoring for the home side with 13+2 from six rides. But their four other riders all failed to score above 6 points making it impossible to make a dent in the 30 point deficit.

For the visiting side, Oliver Berntzon (pictured) and Tomas Gapinski ensured promotion top scoring with 9+1 each. And, just like Landshut ealier today, they lost this actual match, but that did not stop their being wild celebrations when the visitors realised they will be racing in the world's best speedway league in 2022.

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ELITSERIEN: Repeat of 2019 as Dackarna face Smederna in final

Last night saw both home teams take narrow wins in semifinal 1 in Sweden's Elitserien. Now, just one day later, all four teams were in action in the deciding semifinal 2.

#WMSKDAC 41:49 (84:96 to Dackarna)

In a wet and floodlight Målilla, Dackarna took a 47:43 lead into tonight's match in Västervik.

And the visitors ensured that Västervik fans would have nothing to cheer about as they won four heat advantages in the first seven heats to give the Målilla side a 10 point lead on the night with just 8 heats completed.

Västervik's top three all put in excellent performances with Fredrik Lindgren and Bartosz Smektala both scoring 12 pts. But, unfortunately for the Baltic coast team, Pawel Przedpelski (2+1) and Vadim Tarenesko (3) did not get into the match at all at #2 and #4.

For the visitors their SGP trio finally delivered, included Maciej Janowski (11, pictured) who struggled in the rain yesterday. They were ably backed up by Rasmus Jensen. The Dane scored 9 pts at #4 for Dackarna who won 41:49 to gain a place in the 2021 final.

Final Scores from Zuzelend

#SMEDROS 48:41 (92:88 to Smederna)

Rospiggarna also took a slight lead in tonight's Semi Final 2 after a 46:44 win in Hallstavik last night.

But by Heat 6 Eskilstuna Smederna had gained two 5:1s both through a partnership between Michael Jepsen Jensen (7+2) and Kacper Woryna (11+1). That put the home side in the lead by 10 points on the night and 8 points on aggregate.

The visitors never gave in, and a 1:5 in Heat 13 put the match on a knife edge with the scores at 42:35.

And whilst Rospiggarna's top rider, Patryk Dudek took 14 pts from six rides, Smederna did not faulter. They took two 3:3s in the final two nomination heats ensuring that they will be returning to the final again in 2021.

Final Scores from Zuzelend

That sets up a repeat of the 2019 final, which Eskilstuna Smederna won to take their third straight title in a row which will also take place on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

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ELITSERIEN: tight semifinal 1 in Sweden

#ROSSMED 46:44

Home team, Hallstavik Rospiggarna, looked like they were going to win the first Round of the Semi Final when they lead by ten points after Heat 13, 44:34. But the visitors, Eskilstuna Smederna, shocked the home crowd with two 1:5s in the last two heats of the night to reduce the deficit to just two points as the tie finished 46:44.

Top scorer was Rospiggarna was Kai Huckenbeck (pictured) with 11 pts, whilst for Smederna it was Kacper Woryna, who came in as a late replacement for Grigory Laguta, who top scored with 12+2.

Full scores from Zuzelend

#DACWMSK 47:43

Torrential rain in Målilla meant the start was delayed by nearly 2.5 hours when home side Dackarna hosted Västervik Speedway on Tuesday night.

The track was well prepared and fast but, because of the weather, it was about who could gate best.

In the end, there was only one 5:1 heat and that was the only difference between the two teams by 23:00 hrs when the match finally finished.

And it was the home side who won the tie, 47:43 when Dackarna’s Jacob Thorssell and Rasmus Jensen beat Västervik’s Artem Laguta and Bartosz Smektala in Heat 4.

Top scorers for both teams were their SGP riders as both Jason Doyle (DAC) and Laguta took 13 points under the floodlights.

Full scores from Zuzelend

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EKSTRALIGA: Wroclaw win league in 2021

Final 2 #WROLUB

Sparta Wroclaw were the favourites coming into tonight's second final at their home track against a Motor Lublin side that had forced a 45:45 draw in the last heat in Lublin on Thursday.

The visitors were again without Grigory Laguta and raced with Rider's Replacement for the Russian.

A brilliant match saw Lublin appear to just have the edge over the home side in the first half of the contest. They took the lead three times only to see the home side fight back and draw level.

Mikkel Michelsen (13) and Dominik Kubera (10+2), who both took seven heats each, who again lead out Lublin with great performances.

But the descive heats of the match were the last three before the nominations.

Wroclaw won three heat advantages in a row as Gleb Chegunov (4), Artem Laguta (pictured) and Daniel Bewley (10) all won Heats 11-13 respectively to take a 43:35 lead - enough to win the championship with two heats to spare. It was younger of the Laguta brothers, who currently leads the World Championship, who top scored for his side with 13 pts. He won his first four heats only dropping points after the title was secured, more than making up for a poor performance in Lublin on Thursday.

The match finished 50:40 to Sparta and the club has won the league for the the first time for 15 years, whilst for Lublin it was their first medal for 30 years.

You can see the individual scores at Zuzelend.

Bronze medal match #GORLES

In today's earlier third and fourth playoff, Bartosz Zmarzlik's Stal Gorzow took the bronze medal ahead of Unia Leszno. The double world champion was the team's top scorer with 14 from five races.

See full scores from Zuzelend.

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EWINNER 1 and 2: Convincing home wins in Final 1s


At the beginning of the season AC Landshut would, at best, be considered as outsiders for winning Poland’s third tier. But now, after a demolition of Opole in Germany, the side as are just 39 points from an amazing upset.

The German side has been strong at home this season and
whilst Kai Huckenbeck (9+1) and Martin Smolinski (11+4) played their part , it was Frenchman, Dimitri Berge (pictured) who led Landshut to victory with 14.

For the stunned visitors bringing in Matuesz Tonder from Zielona Góra did not have the desired effect as he scored just 3 pts and it was again Swede, Jacob Thorssell who top scored with 9 pts.

It will now take an exceptional performance at home next week from Opole if the Polish side are to win. It’s possible, but at the moment it is the Germans who have one hand on the Polish league 2 trophy.

Full scores from Zuzelend.



When the two teams that finished top in the regular season met in the final 1 today, no one could have predicted that the home side, Ostrow, would attempt to gain promotion even before the second leg has started!

The Wilki Krosno dream of going straight from League 2 to the Ekstraliga in just one season looks in tatters as even the league’s second best scorer, Tobiasz Musielak struggled with just 6+1 for the guests.

Ostrovia, on the otherhand, made full use of their home advantage with the international trio of Tomas Gapinski (14), Patrick Hansen (12+1) and Oliver Berntzon (11+2) all scoring double points as they routed the Wolves, 60:30.

As in today's eWinner 2 match, it seems almost impossible that today's visitors will be able to turn this fixture around next week. So, it seems like Ostrovia have one foot in the top division for 2022.

Full scores from Zuzelend.

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EKSTRALIGA: Dominant Kubera as Lublin force draw in Final 1

This Ekstraliga Final 1 was rescheduled from Sunday where rain in Lublin prevented the match against favourites, Wroclaw going ahead. And even tonight there were showers and umbrellas a-plenty as the tie took place in a damp Lublin with the home side using Riders' Replacement for the injured Grigory Laguta.

However, it was Wroclaw who started best with a 2:4 in the first heat. And whilst there was little overtaking until the first track grading pause, it always seemed like the black-yellow-red visitors who were the ones in the ascendency. They went into the break just two points ahead. But with the home side's Mikkel Michelsen (12) losing his first heat and junior, Wiktor Lampart (3) also scoring 0 pts on his first heat against senior opposition, it looked like Sparta might be about to walk this match home.

Not surprisingly in a match of this cailbre, there were a large number of 3:3 heats. However, it was the British pairing of Daniel Bewley (10+1) and Tai Woffinden (7) who finally extended the visitors' lead when they gained a 2:4 in Heat 11, damping the enthusiasm of already soaking home crowd.

Wroclaw then held this four point lead to go into the evening's final heat ahead by 40:44.

Then, at the crucial time, the 2021 European Champion, Michelsen gated perfectly, ably followed by the home team's rider-of-the-night, Dominik Kubera (pictured). The pair lead out of turn one, refused to let Maciej Janowski (11+1) spoil the party, and took an epic 5:1 to level the scores at 45:45. Lublin's 2020 Junior World Championship Silver Medallist top scored with an impressive 16+1 from 7 heats.

Understandably, the riders and fans alike went completely wild, celebrating this last home game of the season as though they had already won the championship.

Both teams will now go to Wroclaw with a sense that they can win the title. But surely Wroclaw's SGP riders, Woffinden and Artem Laguta (5+1) will do better than scoring 12 pts between them at home and will probably still be the bookies favourites to take the 2021 Ekstraliga title on Sunday.

Full scores from Zuzelend.

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ALLSVENSKAN: Indianerna win 2021 title

#INDGRI Kumla Indianerna vs Nyköping Griparna

Last week In Nyköping the defending champions from the last Allsvenskan 2019 hosted a tight match that ended 45:45 meaning it was all to play for in Final 2 in Kumla tonight.

And after 7 heats there was still a stalemate with the scores locked at 21:21.

But two heats later the home fans were treated to the night’s only 5:1 as Joel Andersson (11, pictured) and Jonatan Grahn (9+1) beat their Nyköping rivals to the checkered flag.

The match was still in within Griparnas grasp as the nomination heats started, but with the Kumla side leading 44:40 with the final heat things seem to be in the hosts favour.

And whilst the league’s top scoring rider, Griparna’s Kim Nilsson (15+2) took three points his teammate, Peter Ljung (12), never got off the start line as his engine stopped - sadly, typical of the veteran’s season.

That left Andersson and Grudziadz’s Norbert Krakowiak (13+1) to take second and third unchallenged to win the match 47:43 and with that, the 2021 Allsvenskan title, 92:88.

Officially this team is Kumla Indianerna B. There, however, will not be two Kumla teams in Elitserien in 2022 as there is no promotion/ demotion between the two leagues again this year.

Full scores from SVEMO.

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ELITSERIEN: Dackarna and Rospiggarna through to semis

The winners in tonight’s matches will go forward to the semi final next week where they will face either Eskilstuna Smederna or Västervik Speedway.

Both Målilla Dackarna and Hallstvik Rospiggarna went into tonight’s deciding Quarterfinal 2 with a six-point advantage from the first match last week after winning 48:42.

Again, Vetlanda Speedway were without their three Ekstraliga riders, as Gorzow’s Bartosz Zmarzlik and Syzmon Wozniak as well as Lublin’s Dominik Kubera stayed in Poland.

However, Gislaved Lejonen had both Robert Lambert and Jakub Miskowiak back in the side who were fighting to stay in the playoffs away in Målilla.


Dackarna 56:34 Lejonen #DACLEJ

Unlike Vetlanda, Dackarna lined up with three SGP riders, Tai Woffinden, Maciej Janowski (5+3) and Jason Doyle for the second week in a row against Lejonen. And four Heat wins in a row from Woffinden, Doyle and two from Jacob Thorssell meant the home team were winning 16:8 before Heat 5 had even begun.

To make it worse for Lejonen, their Swedish riders, Oliver Berntzon (3) and Linus Eklöf (0) struggled to get into the match at all. The SGP rider has a problem with his bike and rode through the tapes on his second heat. Then he was thrown out the third heat for a regular Touch the Tapes. His next Heat after that he came last. Eklöf failed to score from his two heats.

By contrast, for the home team everything went smoothly as Woffinden (13, pictured), Thorssell (12+2) and Doyle (12) led the team easily to the semi-final next week.

Full scores from Zuzelend


Vetlanda 43:47 Rospiggarna #VETSROS

Rospiggarna’s Timo Lahti (10+1) and Kai Huckenbeck (9+2) won the first heat away at Vetlanda with a 1:5 forcing the home side to chase right from the start. When the home team’s veteran Swede, Peter Ljung (1), stopped dead in turn 3 of Heat 9, you had a feeling that this match was never going to go the home team’s way.

Polish duo, Tomas Gapinski (13) and Runa Holta (10+3) top scored for the home side and won the final heat with a 5:1. But it was too late to beat the Hallstavik team who also had an in-form Kim Nilsson (12) alongside the Finnish and German riders and sailed easily through the next week’s semi-final.

Full scores available from Zuzelend.