ELITSERIEN: tight semifinal 1 in Sweden

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ELITSERIEN: tight semifinal 1 in Sweden

#ROSSMED 46:44

Home team, Hallstavik Rospiggarna, looked like they were going to win the first Round of the Semi Final when they lead by ten points after Heat 13, 44:34. But the visitors, Eskilstuna Smederna, shocked the home crowd with two 1:5s in the last two heats of the night to reduce the deficit to just two points as the tie finished 46:44.

Top scorer was Rospiggarna was Kai Huckenbeck (pictured) with 11 pts, whilst for Smederna it was Kacper Woryna, who came in as a late replacement for Grigory Laguta, who top scored with 12+2.

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#DACWMSK 47:43

Torrential rain in Målilla meant the start was delayed by nearly 2.5 hours when home side Dackarna hosted Västervik Speedway on Tuesday night.

The track was well prepared and fast but, because of the weather, it was about who could gate best.

In the end, there was only one 5:1 heat and that was the only difference between the two teams by 23:00 hrs when the match finally finished.

And it was the home side who won the tie, 47:43 when Dackarna’s Jacob Thorssell and Rasmus Jensen beat Västervik’s Artem Laguta and Bartosz Smektala in Heat 4.

Top scorers for both teams were their SGP riders as both Jason Doyle (DAC) and Laguta took 13 points under the floodlights.

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