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SHL December Review - 8. HV71 and 9. Djurgården

A Brit On Thin Ice fredag 4 januari 2019

Before the next round of the SHL starts on 5 January we’re going to take a quick look at some of the teams outside the top six, starting with HV71 in ninth and Djurgården ...

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SHL - November Review- Djurgården

A Brit On Thin Ice fredag 7 december 2018

5. Djurgården IF November has seen the return of two players from North America who had an enormous impact for the Stockholm club last season. 21 year old Jonathan ...

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SHL 2018/9 - October Review - part 4 - Djurgården

A Brit On Thin Ice tisdag 6 november 2018

3. Djurgården IF Like Luleå, Djurgården IF are almost entirely dependent on Swedish players to make up the squad. Their first line includes two new players to the club - ...

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Djurgårdens glädjebesked

Dragskott tisdag 2 oktober 2018

Djurgården får tillbaka en minst sagt viktig pjäs. Det handlar om Jonathan Davidsson, som lånas ut från Columbus Blue Jackets för resten av säsongen.Den 21-årige ...

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SHL 2018/9 - Team Preview - Djurgården

A Brit On Thin Ice tisdag 28 augusti 2018

Djurgården IF Losing four players to the NHL gives you an idea of how talented this team were who came second in the league table last year. Fortunately they’ve ...

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SHL Hockey: best of 2017/8 season - PART II

A Brit On Thin Ice tisdag 22 maj 2018

1. Växjö Lakers There are so many good things to say about this team. But perhaps two overlooked factors to their success are second keeper, Viktor Andrén who let in ...

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DRAFTED: The NHL Entry Draft and the SHL - Part ...

A Brit On Thin Ice onsdag 2 maj 2018

DRAFTED: who plays in the SHL?  An article in parts by @ABritOnThinIce1PART 3. Older Swedes on their way back from North America If we look at the Top 10 ...

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