INTERVIEW: MK MED work to make speedway riders better
INTERVIEW: MK MED work to make speedway riders better

INTERVIEW: MK MED work to make speedway riders better

Modern speedway is not just about riders and bikes, but like all modern sports, is also about optimising your physical capacities through physical training.

An important aspect for speedway riders is, of course, recovery from injury and looking after yourself during a punishing season that can often see riders racing in three different countries every week.

Thanks to Michal Lewandowski at Polish speedway site Zuzelend, we can catch up with Michal Kliby who runs the MK MED clinic, one of the most popular physiotherapy clinics for sportsmen and women.

Speedway riders also use the services, having been personally convince of the effectiveness of the treatments offered at in this facility. The results were so satisfying that some of them decided to take advantage of the MK MED partnership offer for 2020. That means Josh Pickering (Edinburgh Monarchs), Andrej Karpov (Piraterna), Wiktor Lampart (Lublin), Mikkel Michelsen (Indianerna) and Antonio Lindbäck (Masarna) will race under the banner of MK MED this season.

The MK MED clinic helps with proper rehabilitation of the body in the season, when the riders are in action every 2-3 days. In the event of injury, competitors will also be able to count on health care. Speedway riders will have also equipment at their disposal to improve performance and also affect reflexes.

“I am very happy that the riders trust me. Wiktor Lampart will be working with me for the third year in a row. Each of them is at a different stage of their sports career. Therefore, I approach each one individually, so that training and rehabilitation give the best effect. I would like to emphasize that the riders at the MK MED clinic can also take advantage of various exercises that allow them to maintain or achieve full fitness in the event of injury - including exercises for reflexes,” says Michał Kliba, owner of MK MED.

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