Euro Ice Speedway Championship to be held in August
Euro Ice Speedway Championship to be held in August

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Euro Ice Speedway Championship to be held in August

Covid-19 continues to cause chaos across the world as the year's speedway schedules are thrown away and re-written and is pushed to later in the year with the hope that the situation will improve.

One remarkable rescheduling is the European Ice Speedway Championship, which was due to be held in Poland in March. It was one of the first events to be cancelled as the virus spread across Europe and the Ice Speedway season was brought to a hasty conclusion.

That following a very mild winter in Europe with many matches cancelled due to + temperatures.

But now, according to the FIM Europe calendar, the Ice Speedway Euro Championship has been reschedule - to the middle of summer - 8 August, to be precise.

As the venue in Tomaszow Mazowiecki is an indoor arena this is not as bizarre as it might at first seem, but it will surely be a first in Ice Speedway history to have a flagship event for this winter sport whilst there is blazing summer sun shining outside.

The 2020 speedway season across Europe is in limbo - no one really knows if any of the events are actually going to take place at all. A further mystery with this unusual rescheduling is the host's website,, still says the event is cancelled and the FIM have not reported in any of their sections (apart from the calendar) that the event is going to happen in August.

Five One Racing has been unable to confirm from the Swedish riders who are due to take part in the competition whether or not they have received a second invitation.

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