ELITSERIEN: Round 6 - Smederna continue to win

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ELITSERIEN: Round 6 - Smederna continue to win


Piraterna looked on course to win their first match of the season until the nomination heats where visiting Västervik stole their thunder with two 1:5s in Heats 13 and 14 to level the match at 42:42 going into the final heat.

With former Pirate, Pawel Przedpelski excluded from the final heat after he fell, Artem Laguta (pictured) predictably won the heat for the visitors with the two home riders coming in second and third behind him. That meant a 3:3 and that the match was drawn at 45:45 all.

See a longer match report here.

Top Scorers:

Artem Laguta WMSK 16

Peter Kildemand PIR 10+2

Oskar Fajfer PIR 11+1


In Kumla, Indianerna hosted the three times Swedish Champions, Smederna who are back after a year away from Elitserien in 2020. The match was also a battle between Australia and Russia with Chris Holder (10) and Max Fricke representing the home team and Grigory Laguta (13) and Gleb Chugunov (11+1) racing for the visitors.

Smederna led from Heat 5 when Swedish duo Pontus Aspgren (11) and Johannes Stark (1) took a 2:4 for the visitors. And they never let up to win the match, 39:51 and maintain they place at the top of the league.

Indianerna Kumla: 39p
1. Chris Holder (3,2,1,2,1,1) 10p
2. Ludvig Lindgren (0,0,0) 0p
3. Jonas Jeppesen (1,3,2,3,2) 11p
4. Andreas Lyager (0,1,1*,0,0) 2+1p
5. Max Fricke (3,3,1,3,2*,0) 12+1p
6. Joel Andersson (1*,0,0,2) 3+1p
7. Jonathan Grahn (1) 1p

Smederna Eskilstuna: 51p
1. Michael Jepsen Jensen (1*,0,2*,0,3) 6+2p
2. Grigorij Łaguta (2,2,3,3,3) 13p
3. Gleb Czugunow (3,1*,3,1,3) 11+1p
4. Andrzej Lebedevs (2*,2,2*,1,2*) 9+3
5. Pontus Aspgren (2,3,3,2,1) 11p
6. Johannes Stark (0,1,0,0,X) 1p
7. Maximilian Belsing deltog ej


Between Heats 2 and 11 Rospiggarna narrowly led this tie, even though they had to have Rider’s Replacement for their new signing, Emil Sayfutdinov.

And although they led 34:32 that would all change as Masarna took four heat advantages in a row to turned the match. In particular on it’s head as youngster, Philip Hellström Bängs (8) won heats 12 and 13 for the guests. Final score was 40:50 and with that Masarna took their first points of the season.

Rospiggarna: 40p
1. Kim Nilsson (2,3,3,2*,1,2) 13+1p
2. Kai Huckenbeck (1*,2*,3,1,0) 7+2p
3. Timo Lahti (2*,2,2,0,0,1) 7+1p
4. Emil Sayfutdinov R/R
5. Adrian Miedziński (3,2,2,2,0) 9p
6. Daniel Henderson (1,0,0,0,0,1*,2) 4+1p
7. Erik Gheorghe (0) 0p

Masarna: 50p
1. Piotr Pawlicki (3,1,3,3,2*,3) 15+1p
2. Przemysław Pawlicki (0,3,1,3,2*) 9+1p
3. Martin Smolinski (0,3,1,2*,3) 9+1p
4. Philip Hellström-Bängs (1,1,0,3,3) 8p
5. Dimitri Berge (2,1,1,3,1) 8p
6. Emil Millberg (0,0,0,1) 1p
7. Alexander Liljekvist deltog ej


Double world champion and Gorzow rider, Bartosz Zmarzlik again took a 15-point maximum as the Vetlanda won at home 48:42. They led from the very first heat when the Polish duo of Syzmon Wozniak and Dominik Kubera took a 5:1 for the hosts. And while Dackarna never let them match get out of their sight it was not enough to overcome the hosts who raced with four Ekstraliga riders in their squad as well as Tarnow’s young Swedish rider, Alexander Woentin.

Vetlanda Speedway: 48p
1. Szymon Woźniak (2*,2,3,3,1) 11+1p
2. Dominik Kubera (3,1*,0,0,0) 4+1p
3. Brady Kurtz (1,2,1,1,3) 8p
4. Peter Ljung (3,0,0,1,2) 6p
5. Bartosz Zmarzlik (3,3,3,3,3) 15p
6. Filip Hjelmland (1,0,1) 2p
7. Alexander Woentin (1,1) 2p

Dackarna: 42p
1. Maciej Janowski (1,3,TT,2*,2*,2) 10+2p
2. Luke Becker (0,1,2,0,3) 6p
3. Rasmus Jensen (2,1*,2,2,1*) 8+2p
4. Jacob Thorssell (0,2,1*,3,2) 8+1p
5. Jason Doyle (2,3,3,2,0) 10p
6. Sammy Van Dyck (0,FX) 0p
7. Maksymilian Bogdanowicz (0,0,0) 0p

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