ELITSERIEN: Easy win for Rospiggarna
ELITSERIEN: Easy win for Rospiggarna

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ELITSERIEN: Easy win for Rospiggarna

Kumla Indianerna had a total disaster when they travelled to Hallstavik tonight for Rospiggarna’s first home match of 2021.

Several riders had difficulty with the dry shale on the outside of turn two, leaving them either on the deck or in last place before the heat had really got going.

Even Max Fricke (15) encountered a problem at the same spot, in an otherwise team saving performance. The Australian SGP rider scored nearly half the points for the struggling visitors. The rest of the team were non-existent, with the next best rider, Jonathan Grahn (5+2) the only other Indian to win a heat all night.

The home crowd, attending their first match since the end of the 2020, were able to sit back and watch their side decimate the Indians in the glorious Swedish sunshine.

The only disappointment for them was that neither of last year’s SGP riders, Patryk Dudek (ROS) or Niels Kristian Iversen (IND) were available for the tie.

Instead it was Kim Nilsson (15+1) and Kai Huckenbeck (16, pictured) who topped scored for the home side that ran out easy winners, 56:34.

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