• SHL 2018/9 - quarterfinals review - HV71 v Färejstad

SHL 2018/9 - quarterfinals review - HV71 v Färejstad

HV71 - Färjestad BK

The team that won the regular season, Färjestad BK verses the lowest placed team left in the competition, HV71 was not the easy win many had expected. Instead produced the first seven game thriller of the 2019 playoffs.

Buoyed from their wildcard victory, the Jönkoping team took victory in Karlstad in the first game of the series shocking the regular season champs with a Robin Figren goal 17:25 into overtime. The New York Islanders drafted player was assisted by Simon Önerud. The 30 year old has the highest scoring season of his career and is currently leaders the playoff Total Points competition with 3G+5A in nine games

The first four games of the series were all won by the away team. But that trend was broken when Färjestad's 2016 Boston Bruins drafted Oskar Steen scores at 17:26 in the SIXTH period of the match, making it the second longest in Swedish hockey history.

This lead to a strange change in momentum as the last three matches in the series were won by the home team. It was the tallest player in the SHL, Detroit Red Wings drafted Johan Ryno (pictured) that scored the winning goal for Färjestad sealing at 4-3 series victory. He was assisted by Joakim Nygård who leads the team in Total Points with 3G + 3A.

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