Elitserien: German star leaves Piraterna
Elitserien: German star leaves Piraterna

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Elitserien: German star leaves Piraterna

Daniel Davidsson has until the end of November to sign a team that will represent the economically troubled Motala Piraterna in 2020.

But whilst no riders are yet confirmed, apart from Pawel Przedpelski, the 36 year old has said that Kai Huckenbeck will not be continuing at the club but has signed for another team.

There is still no word on whether American legend, Greg Hancock, will return and the only good news Daniel could give is that younger brother, Jonas Davidsson (pictured), could sign for the club. According to the interview in Motala’s local newspaper, MVT, Daniel himself could also be part of the squad.

Money is short and time is running out for Daniel Davidsson who said he had been in contact with at least 25 riders since last week when the board confirmed Piraterna would compete in the Elitserien in 2020 after over a month of speculation over the club’s economic survival.

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